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"What's New"

May 2013

JLO wins Best Veterans Sweeps at Keystone LRC and Pioneer Valley LRC!


April 2013

JLO wins BOS Veterans Sweeps at Potomac!


February 2013

Atticus takes RWD to a 4point major from the 6-9months class, at New England Sporting dog under Christine Tye, his first show.


August 2012

JLO wins BOB at Ballston Spa, she has all her majors for GCH.

July 2012

Macy wins Best In Sweeps and Hollis Best Of Opp in sweeps, Pawcatuck supported entry in Providence RI.

Hollis wins Best Of Opp In Sweeps at Riverhead KC, LILRC supported entry.

June 2012

Hollis wins Best In Sweeps at LRCGB

Macy wins her regular and sweeps class with an entry of 21 at LRCBG

Copper takes BOS in Veterans sweeps at LRCGB.

May 2012

JLo wins BOS at Keystone LRC, at 7yo! Hollis and Macy both take 2nd in their sweeps class and Macy wins her regular class!


December 2011

Cooper congratulates his daughter, CH Dogwood Cool MKT Rally for finishing her championship under Michael Woods!!! Owned by Debra Scott.


October 2011

Cooper congratulates his son!!!

Minefalls Arlo Guthrie,  for obtaining his CDX at the Nationals!!!

Arlo has turned into a very nice boy, he will step into the show ring next.


Cooper congratulates his daughter!!!


Winsome Minefalls Ragtyme WB, BOW at the Friday National show!


June 2011

Cooper congratulates his son!!!

BISS CH Kimleigh Paradigm Out Of the Blue, Brookes finishes at Pittsburgh LRC Under Vonnie Russell & Judy Heim, also going BOB!


May 2011


We have a NEW Champion, CH Minefalls Tam O'Shanter!!!!!

 Special thanks to Norman Grenier for getting Meg's last 2 points...



Cooper congratulates his son, CH East Hills Touchdown for finishing his AKC championship!

March 2011

Shi-Lo Takes her 3rd major at Bronx KC going BOW/OS, she now has 10points towards her championship.

September 2010

Jlo Takes a Jam & Select Bitch day 2 at Pawcatuck River LRC

Pauly takes Back to back Best Puppy At Pawcatuck River LRC

Meg takes WB at the Cape Cod shows, she needs one single point to finish he Championship!

July 2010

Pauly win BOS in Sweeps & 1st in regular class at Pawcatuck supported entry in Providence RI.

June 2010

BISS CH Minefalls JLO takes a Jam at LRCGB under Janet Farmilette, and her son Minefalls LO Rider wins his 6-9 sweeps class.

May 2010

Cooper congratulates his son East Hill's Touchdown for taking WD at the LOC, and his Daughter the same weekend Himoon Casablanca for taking WB at Alberta specialty & RWB at the Canadian Nationals  under Mr & Mrs. Brabben.

March 2010

Minefalls Shi-Lo goes WB/BOW for a four point Major at Mid Jersey supported entry in Edison NJ. She now has 7 points towards her AKC Championship.

BISS CH Minefalls JLO takes a JAM at New England Sporting dog show under Judy Chambers.


August 2009

Meg being shown at Ballston Spa,  picture by Barbara Roosevelt.

Shi-LO takes a 3 point major and Desi takes RWB to Shi-LO at Ballston Spa KC.

Desi wins WB/BOW/BOB at Cheshire KC, she now has 11 points towards her AKC Championship.


April 2009

Cooper congratulates his son's East Hill Touch Down for winning his large sweeps class at LRCP & East Hill Quaterback for taking 4th in his sweeps class.


February 2009

Cooper Congratulates his daughter CH. Bellathatch Story Continues, owned and bred by Flo Jones for taking BOS at Westminister,  Way to go girls!!


November 2008

Cooper Congratulates his daughter Fiddler owned by Narda Croughwell for obtaining her Senior Hunting title in 4 out of 4 legs!!! Way to go girls!!

Cooper Congratulates his son's Kimleighs Wedge at Conclusion, owned by Krista Beal & Ann Maynard for going Best In Sweeps & Kimleighs Out Of The Blue owned by Heidi Herman & Ann Maynard for going WD day 2 at Raleigh/Durham LRC

October 2008

Meg takes WB at LRCP-Bare Bones for a 5 point major, she needs two points to finish her championship.

Cooper Congratulates his daughter CH. Bellathatch Story Continues, "Saga" & owner Flo Jones for finishing her Championship at the Nationals!

September 2008

Cooper Congratulates his daughter Bellathatch Story Continues, "Saga" owned and bred by Flo Jones for taking WB for another major under Breeder/Judge Sally Sasser at Atlanta KC!

Minefalls has a "New Champion" BISS/BOSS CH Minefalls J-Lo, J-Lo finishes at Jersey Skylands LRC under English breeder Judge Mr. Geoffrey Allen & BOSS under Mrs. Jean Allen. J-Lo received all her points from the Bred-By class, she is a 3X Specialty WB! She also receives a JAM on Saturday.  

August 2008

Cooper Congratulates his daughter Bellathatch Story Continues, owned and bred by Flo Jones for taking RWB, day one, WB day 2 & WB/BOW/BOB day 3 at the Raleigh Shows! Saga now has 8 points towards her AM Championship!


Desi wins WB at Providence supported entry, she now has 10 points towards her AM Championship.


Desi wins WB/BOW/BOB for her second major at LRCP supported entry under Breeder/Judge Nancy Arbuckle...

June 2008

Minefalls has a new Champion! CH. Minefall's Sport Authority, Timmie finishes at GPLRC under Judy Chambers, from the Bred-By class. 

Cooper Congratulates his Daughter Minefalls Patriot Dynasty for taking WB/BOW for a 5 point major at LRCGB under Breeder/Judges Sally Bell & Val Walters. Minefalls Satori, "Tori" wins her sweeps & regular class under Lori Bentine & Sally Bell.

May 2008

Timmie Takes WD/BOW in Freehold, NJ  for a 3 point major, Timmie now has 12 points towards his championship. Special thanks to Kathy Mines for handling Timmie!

Cooper Congratulates his son Kimleighs Wedge at Conclusion, owned by Krista Beal & Ann Maynard for going WD,5 point Major from the 6-9 class, JAM, & BOS in Sweeps at Pioneer Valley LRC! His sister Kimleighs Red Sky over Bellweather, owned by Tina Barks & Ann Maynard Takes RWB from the 6-9 class and Best Puppy both days!

Desi Wins the Open yellow class both days at Pioneer Valley & J-lo takes RWB, & Timmie Takes RWD! 

April 2008


Meg takes WB/BOW at LRC of Potomac, the largest Labrador Specialty in the world!!!!!! She now has 9 points and both majors at 21 months of age. Special Thanks to Judge Jon Roger Sauge (Mambrino Labradors) for recognizing her qualities, and Breeder/Judge Sally Bell (Boradors Labradors) for being the first to notice her.

We also like to welcome Windfalls Dalybrook Rusty Nails

March 2008

Cooper Congratulates his daughter Bellathatch Story Continues, owned and bred by Flo Jones for taking Best Puppy at Raleigh-Durham LRC Specialty & RWB at 13 months at Atlanta LRC Specialty from the BBE Class!

Meg takes WB/BOW/BOS at New Brunswick KC for a 4-point major under Breeder/Judge Sally Bell!

Sienna takes WB/BOS at NE Sporting dog show for a 4-point major, congratulations to her breeders Annie Cogo & Christine Harper for producing such a lovely girl. Dreams takes RWB to Sienna!!!

November 2007

J-lo Takes WB/BOS from the Bred-By class at Souhegan KC under Breeder/Judge Andrea Braxton Robertson, J-lo needs 3 points to finish her Championship.

October 2007

Cooper congratulates his daughter, Whispering Pines Enchantress owned and bred by John & Barbara Sebalusky for Taking Best In Sweeps at Bare Bones!!

J-Lo wins WB, BOS day 1 at Mid-Jersey and day 2 takes WB, BOW, BOB!! Special thanks to Judges Michael Silva

and Brian Parrott for recognizing her qualities! J-lo now has 10 points, both majors from the Bred-By class.

Desi wins her open yellow class both days at Mid-Jersey.

September 2007

Meg takes Best In Sweeps at Pawcatuck LRC under Jean-Louis, Desi wins her open yellow class under Susan Huntzinger, & Jazz wins her large sweeps class under Alfred Vallejo.

Cooper congratulates his son Kinsey's Favorite State of Mind bred by Johanne Young for taking WD from the 6-9 class under Patricia Trotter!

August 2007

Timmie takes WD, BOW at Newton KC, he now has 9 points from the bred by class.

Cooper congratulates his daughter Olive, owned and Bred By Kathy Snieder for taking Back to back WB, & BOB at Fitchburg shows..

Cooper congratulates his daughter Summer bred by Jolene at Eagertrieve Labs for taking BOW at Winnipeg under Pauline Mortier, Summer has 7 points toward her CAN CH.

June 2007

Cooper Congratulates his daughter Blue, bred by Ann French of Springton Labradors for taking WB for 2 pts at 13 months old....

Cooper Congratulates his son Jayhawk Country Star AKA "Toby", at his very first show for taking WD at NSKC from the 9-12 month class & RWD the next day at Topsfield KC. Toby was bred by Ellie & Brian Hawkins & owned by the Marshalls, he was owner handled to his wins! Congrads!!

May 2007

Timmie wins his Bred-By Class and takes Best Bred-By Exhibitor at Pioneer Valley LRC

Cooper gets a JAM at Pioneer Valley LRC under Lori Isenhath

Doggie room is done!!!!


Front door leading to first room (picture left), door leading to kennel tub & upstairs on right.


Tub and upstairs entrance, across is a seating area, Thanks Jess I hung your leash holder! 


Wall across from futon and door leads to cabinet area pictured right.


New puppy play area, Jazz loves it!


April 2007

J-Lo takes 4th in Bred-By & Meg takes 4th in her sweeps class at Potomac.

Timmie takes RWD in Springfield.

January 2007

Happy New Years!!!

Desi wins the open yellow class at MVKC under Manuelo Queijeiro.

We have been busy finishing the front half of the kennel, a nice dog room for the dogs and puppies to play in.   


Dec 2006

Cooper congratulates his son, Grestal's A Christmas Carol for taking RWD 2 days in a row, Best Puppy in breed and A Puppy Group 2.. 


Nov 2006


Cooper congratulates his son, Gretsal's A Christmas Carol, for taking Best In Sweeps (Neil Martin) and RWD from the 9-12 class at GALRC supported entry under Kendall Herr.. He is owned by Lisa Sobosz in GA and owner handled to his wins!! Congrads!!!

Oct 2006

Cooper congratulates his son, Gingerbred Wyndrush Black N Decker, "Decker" for taking his first point from the 6-9 class at Sacramento Valley KC and Best puppy under Jane Borders at Twin Cities KC.

Cooper congratulates his daughter, Blue owned by Ann French for winning Best Puppy at MJLRC puppy match...


Sept 2006

New Kennel is now functional, pictures posted below ...

Timmie takes RWD, 2nd day in North Conway...

Timmie & Desi both win their classes, first day in North Conway..


July 2006

Cooper congratulates his daughter Aquarius Black Pearl for taking RWB from the 9-12 class at Woodstock KC.

Timmie wins WD/BOW/BOB/Best BBE & Best BBE in Group, 2nd day at Lakes Region KC..

Timmie Wins WD/BOW/BOB & a Group 4 at Lakes Region KC...

Brookie & Cooper both earn their CGC....


June 2006

Cooper takes back to back JAMS at LRCGB under Lisa Weiss & Barbara Gilchrist.

Brookie wins Best Veteran in Sweeps, first day, at LRCGB & first in Brood Bitch both days.

Shi-lo wins her Am-bred class, first day at LRCGB.

Congrads to Timmie's brother Brady for passing his CGC test, Brady is owned by Lisa, John, & Joshua, Good Job!!!!


May 2006

Timmie Takes WD/BOW at Ladies Dog Club under Paula Nykiel (Sporting Group Judge/2006 Westminster)

Glory wins the 9-12 class at LRCPV and pulled for WB under Breeder/Judge Jill Ickowski.


April 2006

Timmie takes 3rd in Bred-By at Potomac out of an entry of 24 and J-Lo takes 4th in Bred-By out of an entry of 46.

Cooper congratulates his kids;

Aquarius Black Pearl for making the cut at Potomac in 6-9 black regular class of 47.

Dogwood Tea Time for making the cut in 6-9 yellow sweeps class of 25.


March 2006

                                             D-Lo Takes RWB to a major under long time Breeder/Judge Diane Philbin....



New Kennel Pictures (AKA Taj Mahal) September 2006

Happy Fall!!!




Most of Vinyl siding done, still need barn door and trim...



Inside is done.....


Tyler smiling for the camera. 


Opposite wall, Glory, Desi, Shi-Lo, & Rosie says "Hi"..


Mop area  ..


Back area, landscaping done...


Large corner run...


4 back runs..



Typical run...


We still have a lot of Landscaping to do...